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The team here at Ottoman Co are your dedicated and local home builders, and we specialize in building New Residential Homes, Custom Built Homes,  Design &  Build Projects, Multi-Townhouse Developments, Knockdown Rebuilds & Extension or Renovations. We're passionate about delivering quality homes and good workmanship.
If you have an idea on what you would like, we can work with you to create perfectly suited construction plans, drawings & specifications for your build. So with almost limitless options in the personalization of your home, you can upgrade and enhance your living space, customizing your home to ideally suit your lifestyle, needs, preferences
Why not let us your dreams into reality? Build your empire with the team at Ottoman Co
Please feel free to email any plans, drawings & concepts that you have for an obligation free quote 
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  • New home Builder
  • Design & Build
  • Custom home build specialists
  • Knockdown rebuild ​specialists
  • Fast Home Builder
  • Mediterranean style home specialists
  • Multi - development builder
  • Renovations, alterations & extensions  

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